Coronavirus Resources for Small Businesses

Resources for Businesses COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As concerns about the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continue to rise, we wanted to do our best to help our fellow business owners stay informed of available resources as they navigate this uncharted territory.

While prepared businesses are gearing up for a fast transition to an all-remote workforce there are many businesses feeling unprepared for the change, not to mention the business challenges that could arise in the weeks (and months) ahead.

Below is a list of City, County, and State resources available to businesses. In addition, we’ve also included our recommended tools for working from home.

City, County, State Business Resources COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

SBDC Employer COVID 19 Resource Packet

Provides a variety of resources for COVID-19 disaster relief including loans for qualifying businesses and valuable information for employers and employees. Download the resource packet to learn more.

CA Department of Public Health

Frequent updates about the COVID-19 virus including State Health Emergency Announcements, Quarantine and Social Distancing Guidelines

CA Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz)

The Governor’s Office of Business And Economic Development has compiled helpful information about COVID-19 for employers and employees in California

CA Labor and Workforce Development Agency

COVID-19 Resources for Workers and Employers relating to Paid Sick Leave, Disability and Unemployment Insurance, Paid Family Leave, Workplace Health and Safety

CA iBank Small Business Finance Center

California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program and Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program

CA Treasurer’s CalCap Program

Special Loan Program which encourages banks to make loans to small businesses which have difficulty getting financing.

SBA Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

The Small Business Administration is offering disaster assistance to California Small Businesses economically impacted by Coronavirus

CA Employment Development Department (EDD)

For businesses that have employee and employer concerns

Inland Empire Microenterprise Collaborative

This resources is a collection of micro-lenders who can provide loans up to $75,000.00 to small businesses

County of Riverside Public Health Department

The primary communication site from Riverside County about the latest COVID-19 pandemic

City-County Communications and Marketing Association

Another site for businesses and city government to find resources.

California State Assembly

Another site to provide Federal, State and local resources to help businesses maintain operations.

Our Recommended Tools for Working From Home

If you’re working from home here is a list of some of our favorite day-to-day tools.

Let’s utilize this time to show solidarity, compassion, and innovation. We urge all businesses to make responsible decisions for the well-being of humanity. Stay in your home, work smart and together we’ll ride this wave.