Riverside Blogs For BusinessWhen I meet with clients I tell them they should utilize a blog on their new website. “A blog”, they say horrified! “But I am not a writer. I never have been and I don’t really want to be.” But, as I explain to them they begin to understand the importance of having a business blog.

The more traffic you have on your website the more opportunity to convert to more leads for your business and this will ultimately increase your bottom line. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. By writing weekly blog posts that relate to your business services, your business products, and your industry niche the more it will enhance your reputation as an expert in your field and keep people coming back to your website for additional information. It’s a solid way to keep you connected with your customers. And as we know , in life as in business, relationships are everything.

When you change your site from being static to being dynamic (always changing with fresh content) you will see faster results in your search engine rankings. You’ll also enhance your own ability to effectively communicate the relevance of what your company has to offer in your business arena.

Think about it for a second, if you’re constantly updating your website with new user-generated content it will launch your business to the top of a searcher’s page faster than a static website would, so why wouldn’t you take twenty minutes a week to post something new? And trust me it gets easier as you go. You’ll benefit from learning more about yourself and your business, while also educating others.

When I hear a client who’s reluctant about blogs because they don’t have the time or because they are not “writers”, believe me, I fully understand. However, you cannot argue with bottom-line results.

So do yourself and your business a huge favor…start blogging!