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SEO programs are highly complex and ever-changing.

Our methodology is designed to break down activities into manageable and understandable pieces, so that our clients can easily see what activities are being done and why they are important. Our process also streamlines workflow while ensuring that all SEO factors are given full attention – thereby delivering superior value to your business.

Remember, that behind every search is a person.

It’s why we do things a little differently. Many digital marketing agencies spend so much time trying to figure what Google is doing that they lose focus on what people want. Being ranked #1 may be your top priority, but does that #1 position get you the ROI that you’re hoping for?

While it’s important that we understand the Penguins and Pandas (Google Algorithms) it’s equally important that we understand your audience and their intent when searching for your services, products and business.


Understanding your audience is as important as understanding search algorithms. Determining your target audience allows us to develop the right search experience. At Raincross we focus on understanding the voice of the customer so we can discover their needs, wants, and motivations.


How do people search for your services? How do they interact with what they find on your website? Raincross outlines the search experience your potential customer undergoes from the search to the conversion. We map out your audience experience and then decide the best approach to take.


Google has evolved from a search engine to an answer engine. Our strategies include developing rich content and technical SEO to address the questions people are asking by providing them valuable answers. Raincross will review where your website can improve in all areas with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the people who matter most to your business can find you online.


Strategy is important, but executing a strategy takes expertise. Our team works to fully execute the strategy we develop. This means On-Page SEO, Content, Off-Page Backlinks, studying analytics and keeping up with best-practice industry trends. We never sit back, we keep our foot on the gas pedal to keep moving forward to ensure our efforts are generating leads, sales and delivering value to your bottom line.

SEO in California

SEO Services Include

  • Advanced URL and Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis Reporting
  • Link Building
  • On-Page Recommendations and Optimization

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