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Business Website Hosting

We keep your website secure, fast, and running smoothly 24/7.

We’ve put a lot of effort into building great website hosting for our clients. We offer a high-end infrastructure, fine-tuned architecture, and a strong partnership with the Google Cloud Platform. This allows Raincross to host websites that are faster, scalable, and more resilient.

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    Raincross + Google Cloud Platform

    Raincross has partnered with Google Cloud to provide an enterprise-level
    infrastructure for every one of our hosting clients.

    Business Website Hosting

    Dynamic Cache

    We cache all resources on your website. This means that only the first visitor will load the entire content on your website and the next visitor will get the page output directly from the server’s memory which provides a much faster website experience.

    SSL Certificates

    If you’re hosting your website with Raincross we offer a free SSL Certificate at no cost to you. If you require a special SSL Certificate, like EV or a wildcard certificate we can easily add that on.

    Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    As part of our hosting plans, we’ve now launched free content delivery for our clients. Our CDN provides fast delivery of all your website content.

    Automatic Healing

    Every website site on our platform heals itself in the event of any website issues. For example: If there are issues with PHP code, your site won’t go down, it will automatically fix itself.

    Scaling Technology

    Huge spike in traffic? Don’t worry. We can instantly scale your website to millions of visitors. We do this without any downtime or for the need to migrate to additional hardware resources.


    When you have a growing website every visit is important, our hosting offers the ability for full redundancy and high-availability.

    Pricing & Plans

    From small business websites to enterprise level websites, Raincross has a hosting plan that will work. All of our plans use VPS (Virtual Private Servers) so you never share your resources with any other business.

    Small Business

    $30 Per Month

    10,000 monthly visits
    5GB disk
    250GB bandwidth
    No overage charges
    Free SSL certificate
    Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)


    Midmarket Business

    $50 Per Month

    25,000 monthly visits
    10GB disk
    500GB bandwidth
    No overage charges
    Free SSL certificate
    Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)



    $90 Per month

    100,000 monthly visits
    20GB disk
    1TB bandwidth
    No overage charges (still!)
    Free SSL certificate
    Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)


    Does your business require a setup that’s even more powerful? We can craft a custom hosting solution for any business. Email us a [email protected].

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