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Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

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PPC or Search Engine Marketing is a huge factor in online success, and drives better results to your bottom line.

Attract new customers, drive recurring buying behavior, and push your company to its full potential. With ongoing campaigns, and consistent monitoring, your business will continue to grow. Raincross has the strategies to keep your business growing as fast as possible. We work with you to establish tactical and practical ways to achieve your online marketing goals

We build Paid Search campaigns from the bottom up.

This keeps us fully accountable. We’re a full Google Ads Partner, and we’ve been identified as one of the top marketing agencies in the world. This partnership gives our team exclusive access to Google Ads, Google Ad reps and new advertising programs that give our clients an edge over their competitors. The Google Partner program allows us to earn specializations in five advertising channels (search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, shopping advertising, and video advertising) .

Google Ads Partner Riverside


We have you covered whether it’s a local campaign or an international marketing campaign. We understand that everyone searches in different ways so we work to understand and define your customers’ search habits and how they interact with businesses like yours.


Your customers are exposed to ads all day, every day. How do we cut through the competition to get your ad in front of them? We identify when they search, what their intent is and when they interact with businesses like yours.


All PPC campaigns are unique and require different strategies. However, they all share the same common goal to generate a conversion. Whether it’s writing ad copy, creating compelling graphical display ads, discovering new audience types, or A/B testing we will craft a campaign strategy that works for you.


Executing a PPC campaign requires ongoing ad optimization. Whether it’s tweaking, testing, or adjusting bids and budgets we want to ensure that we’re spending your budget effectively. We leverage our Google partnership to gain access to exclusive new ad types while also understanding that digital marketing goes beyond just search these days.

Google Ads Marketing

PPC Services

  • Keyword Research and Bid Management
  • A/B Ad Copy Testing
  • Ongoing Strategy Development
  • Monthly Reporting

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