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SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results. SEO marketing is a long-term process that is unique to each individual business. Although there are basic formulas that we follow with each project, there is no universal approach when it comes to optimizing and promoting a website, as every business niche is unique and projects need to be strategized respective of their industry. Our SEO experts can help propel your business to the top.

We are fortunate to have built relationships with hundreds of businesses in San Bernardino and throughout the region. We’re honored to have them as clients, and we truly enjoy working with them continually to grow their businesses.

Our San Bernardino SEO Services

Keyword Analysis

Our SEO specialists will research your specific industry to determine which terms are most often used to find businesses like yours. Understanding which websites already rank for your keyword gives you valuable insight into the competition and also how hard it will be to rank for the given term.

Targeted Search Terms

Effective SEO depends on finding the right balance between making sure keywords are relevant to your content and keeping them in context with the topic, language, or main ideas on each page. Our team of San Bernardino SEO experts will work with you to select a number of key search terms to target and optimize for.

On-Page SEO

Our team of SEO experts will implement some innovative strategies that will dramatically improve the page results with search engines. This includes adding HTML tags, page title, and meta description optimization.

Natural Link Building

While link building strategies come and go, natural links will likely never go out of style. By carefully studying your niche and comparing your competition, Raincross Marketing will develop a natural backlink portfolio to help your website ranking.

XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap is a basically a “search engine friendly” view of your entire website that helps search engine spiders crawl your pages. Our dynamic team of SEO experts will build an XML sitemap that includes all the pages of your site.


We install analytics software that monitors, reports and analyzes your website performance in order to know what is working and what’s not working with our optimization efforts.

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