Starting A New Business in Riverside

So you’re starting a new business in Riverside. What’s the goal of your business? Is it to make a profit? Most likely. Whether you’re selling products, unclogging shower drains, or making the world’s best coffee, there’s one thing that you need in order to make a profit and that’s customers.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the the things that will make you money in your new endeavor. Your office space? Well not really, that’s an expense. Maybe a bright new street sign out in front of your office will attract a customer or two, but if you’re just starting out, you’re more than likely not in a great, high traffic location. Hmmm… let’s see… notepads, pencils, pens, paper, computers, printers, coffee makers, desks and office chairs. Nope. New ovens, new tools, new delivery trucks. No not really those either.

Here’s a trick. If you’re not sure if something in your new business makes you money, try this: get up from your desk, stare at your desk, and wait. How long do you think it will take until your desk attracts a new customer?

You’re going to be staring for a long time and by now you’ve probably guessed my point. And that point is YOU (unless you’re lucky enough to employ a sales team). The problem is, you can’t be attracting new business day in and day out 24 hours a day. There just wouldn’t be enough time to run or build your business, or get a good night sleep for that matter.

The internet can make me money, right? Well don’t start believing in those late night infomercials, but what if I told you there was something on the internet that constantly worked to get you more customers, even while you’re sleeping. That’s right, your website. It can be a non-stop selling machine for your new business.

I meet business owners throughout the Inland Empire daily and I’m always amazed at many of the new business owners I meet who view their websites as an afterthought, or an “I’ll figure out how to build it myself” project, or a “let me try this website package for $30 a year” deal. OK Really!? If you invested $30 a year in a stock, how much return do you think you’d get?

Riverside Domain Names

I tell my clients to approach their business expenses like they would life. The wealthy are smart because they buy assets that age and mature, assets that produce dividends, and assets that work for them even when they’re not around to manage. I believe you should see at least a 200% return on your website investment in the first year alone.

Your website should mature like an investment too.

The longer your website is ranked in the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo the higher it will move up in search result rankings and the more customers it will drive to your business. If you find the right web company that can design and develop your website to get your business ranked in search engines, your website will soon become one of your greatest business assets, it will make your company more valuable for a buyout, and it will eventually allow you to do less work to attract new customers.

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine, go ahead and invest in that really nice painting for your reception area. Your competitors will appreciate it.

Want to get a head start on your new business? We’d love to talk with you.