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You don’t really know until you run an audit on your website. An SEO audit is a road map for any search engine optimization strategy. It involves using various analysis techniques to identify the factors which can help your website rank higher in organic search results. It’s generally the first step we take when developing an SEO strategy for our clients, because it helps you and us understand what your website looks to search engines and gives us the basics to maximize your website’s full potential.

When we perform an audit we measure the performance of your website, similar to if you took your car to a mechanic if it’s making an odd noise. With an SEO audit we look under the hood. Your website could be very well designed, but might still rank very poorly in search engines.

An SEO audit will look at the following details of your website:

1) How well was your website built? We look at the code that was used to build your website. An audit will determine if your code is SEO friendly, clean website coding can increase the visibility of your content.

2) Does your website take forever to load? We look at the page load time. This is the time your webpage takes to load. Google cares if your website is slow, in fact they incorporate your site speed in their ranking algorithm. Speeding up your website can play a significant role in how your rank online.

3) Your URL. It is important that your website URL’s aren’t too long or contain any odd characters. The most effective URL’s are those that contain your keywords in the structure on the URL.

4) Are your pages optimized for your keywords? An SEO audit will review your page’s keywords and include suggestions on how to optimize those keywords.


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Like your car, your website needs to continually be tuned up to perform to it’s best ability. There are many online marketing companies that can get away with charging upwards of a thousand dollars or more to perform an SEO audit. However, we do it for no charge. You don’t have to be a client of ours for our team to audit and compile an SEO report for you. It’s a critical component for understanding your website’s health, and we believe in providing that information to you at no cost.