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Construction Marketing

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With the current economy as it is, it’s no secret that the construction industry has taken a hit. Business is sporadic, competition is fierce and resources are limited.

Marketing construction products and services requires skill and sophistication. Whether your target customer is a homeowner searching for repairs around their house or a builder that is looking to contract out a large project, your reputation and professionalism is judged quite carefully. The keys to successful marketing are establishing credibility and reliability, and then generating leads.

Contractor Construction Marketing

Branding Your Construction Company

Creating a construction brand prepares your potential clients for an experience they’re willing to pay for. Whether you are an individual handyman or you run a large construction company, a great brand is a reflection of who you are and what you do. The way people perceive your company, and your brand, should also be based on what your target market wants and needs you to be. Establishing a quality brand that stands out from the rest takes perseverance and patience but it’s well worth the effort.

For a construction business to stay stay busy all year, it needs to continuously find and develop new and lasting relationships. Through effective construction marketing, a business can generate and convert leads, increase visibility and improve branding.

The Key to Effective Marketing

The most effective marketing strategy for a construction company will take a thorough analysis of the specific company and will use a combination of proven tactics and new strategies to draw new clients. This is why you want to work closely with a professional construction marketing company that already knows the advertising game.

Tips Regarding Construction Marketing Services

The construction business is no doubt an offline business since you cannot give your services online. However, you need to a strong online presence since that is where your customers are doing their research and comparing service companies.
For a construction company to properly market itself, you will want to include a strategic combination of both online marketing and conventional marketing efforts. At Raincross Marketing, we know how to combine these strategies for the best results, using real data to guide the marketing plan.

To make the most of your construction marketing services, here are some useful tips to consider:

Research the Market
Good marketing starts with a good understanding of the construction market regarding your customers, competitors, markets, trends and other related information. Our experience in the construction, building products and environmental industries means we understand the key issues and terminology and will probably already have completed research with your target audience.

Create a Strategic Campaign
Building a strategic marketing plan can be a daunting task, but with proper forethought and a strategic approach, what may appear to be a monumental undertaking can actually be streamlined to include the proper mix of SEO, PPC, email marketing and/or responsive web design. Likewise, it could include trade shows, events, press releases and other offline measures, depending on the specific company’s needs.

Be Consistent
Brand consistency takes you to the next level in marketing. Be specific when identifying and articulating your goals and avoid changing tactics too often. Consistency makes your brand feel more reliable and professional.

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