Tourism Marketing in California

Tourism & Hospitality Marketing

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Whether you provide tour guide services or operate a travel agency, hotel or resort, you understand the importance of reaching your target audience.

Marketing within the hotel and tourism industry presents unique challenges, as marketers are tasked with selling intangible services and memories rather than actual, physical products.

Tourism Marketing in California

Experience Marketing

Because the tourism and hospitality industry is primarily made up of experiences, a consistent brand identity is crucial. Your marketing plan needs to include brand recognition so that your customers identify you, trust you and will use your services again and again. Repeat customers bring in a sizeable portion of revenue, so marketing strategy must be split between maintaining relationships with past customers while seeking out new ones.

Marketing Tips for Tourism & Hospitality

Identify a Target Audience
Identifying your target market is Marketing 101. There are literally thousands of ways to promote a tourism brand, which can be overwhelming when developing a marketing plan. with so many ways to communicate to potential customers, tourism brands have to be very clear on what marketing activities will engage their most profitable customers to achieve the best return on marketing investment.

Implement a Strategic Marketing Plan
A marketing strategy does not have to be fancy and complicated. As a matter of fact, it should be a living, breathing program that guides you through a consistent campaign of marketing the benefits of your products and services to the appropriate audiences to achieve positive return on investment. A tailored plan will combine various services — from Internet marketing to email marketing — to reach out to leads and increase conversions.

Responsive Web Design
A key component of marketing for any industry is building awareness. Responsive web design ensures that every user has the same viewing experience, whether they are visiting your site on a desktop or a smartphone. Responsive web design also includes ease of use. Particularly in retail and e-commerce, your website absolutely needs to be user friendly and easy to navigate. If your customer can’t easily find what they are looking for, they will move on very quickly to another site.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is an effective way to start the new customer journey and can also strengthen the relationship between customers who have already purchased services from your business in the past and allow him/her stay connected via social updates.

Prioritize Customer Service
Repeat business and positive customer feedback is vital to the tourism and hospitality industries, therefore one way to improve marketing is to improve service. After a customer participates in your tourist activity or stays in your hotel, ask the person to take a short survey and invite them to rate you online. Evaluating the feedback provided by customers can help you improve your products and services, introduce new products and services that better fit the needs of your potential customers and helps you to learn more about who your customers are. The better you know the customers that are attracted to your business, the better marketing messages and strategies you can create to reach more customers.

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