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Healthcare, maybe more than most other industries, serves a broad audience. And this audience is becoming more tech savvy with every app they download and every website they visit.

In fact, patients are turning to the internet at an astounding rate to make healthcare decisions. Reaching and engaging today’s patients means digital marketing is no longer optional for hospitals, private practices, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies or other organizations in the healthcare space.

Patient awareness and engagement is a trend that will not go away and will, in fact, continue to rise. Patients are now more likely to research doctors and health information online before making any decisions. Your organization/practice will need to focus the digital marketing efforts by creating engaging content, incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and strengthening your social media presence.

Strategies for a Robust Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaign

An Easy-to-Navigate Website
Your website serves as the welcome mat to your organization. It is generally the first impression your practice will make and will be exceedingly vital in a patient’s decision to choose your facility or go elsewhere. As such, user experience needs to be as straightforward as possible and quickly provide the answers your visitors are looking for so they can take action.

Whether it was to look for information about a diagnosis or to choose a healthcare provider, 80% of internet users reported having looked for health information online. Your website need to be professional, authoritative and portray a respectable image if you want to be taken seriously right away.

Best Medical Website Design Agency in CaliforniaAn Informational Blog & Educational Videos
Approximately 35 million online medical searches are performed every day. Your blog is the perfect channel to show that you provide the solution potential patients are looking. Rich blog content that provides information on health conditions, answers to common questions, quick tips and advice for conditions that do not require an office visit will establish you as a trustworthy expert in the field and will keep your name in the front of their mind when looking for a physician.

Your blog is also a great place to feature videos that educate and inspire. Audiences are increasingly relying on visual content. Videos featuring a physician speaking about their area of expertise will inevitably add credibility and capture an audience that is out there looking for answers and/or advise.

Be sure that your blog has a steady stream of content that covers a variety of health concerns and that your navigation makes it easy to browse topics by health categories.

Resourceful Emails
Stay a step ahead by providing information straight in your patient’s inbox before they had to even search for it. By sending out a regularly scheduled email newsletter at least once a month, your audience can look forward to continued education on various topics. Plan these ahead of time so they are timely according to current events in your organization or in the health industry.

Strong SEO Optimization
it is true that 80% of internet users search for health information online before booking an appointment, then you need to make sure they find you. It is critical for your website to appear on the first page in search engine rankings as most users do not bother clicking through more results. A properly executed SEO campaign is a highly effective way to achieve this goal.

The idea behind SEO is growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO utilizes strategic keyword targeting, content creation and link earning strategies to help you stay on top of your competition. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines (and users) understand.

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