Law Enforcement Marketing

Law Enforcement Marketing

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We help law enforcement agencies enhance their recruitment strategies with unique digital marketing solutions.

Law enforcement agencies have been struggling lately to find qualified recruits willing to protect and serve. Thanks to robust job markets and historically low public perceptions of the police, many talented and civic-minded candidates have turned to other opportunities instead of law enforcement careers.

Utilizing our expertise in digital marketing Raincross has developed unique capabilities and digital marketing strategies to help law enforcement agencies address their recruitment challenges by leveraging decades of marketing experience. We have a proven approach to target potential new candidates and laterals from their first impressions to their first day at the department.

Law Enforcement Geofencing

Our 4 step digital execution process for law enforcement campaigns.

Our ability to create custom tailored digital solutions for law enforcement agencies is what we take pride in.

  • Digital Analysis
  • Creative Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Analytics & Reporting

Audience Targeting

We develop your ideal audience profile using over 1,500 demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data variables.

– Income
– Age
– Household Makes (Parents/Single)
– Shopping Behaviors
– Ethnicity
– Credit/Finance
– Military Status
– Interests/Hobbies
– Property Targeting
– Political Status/Affiliation


Our technology can gives government entities the competitive edge they’ve been looking for.

– City, County, State
– Buildings
– Tradeshows & Events
– Households
– Competitors

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