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In the logistics industry, the competition is fierce between companies that look and sound alike. So how do you communicate the features of your company that differentiate you from the rest?

A successful marketing strategy depends on having a PROMISE to the market that is different and compelling enough to be heard above the competition.

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5 Marketing Tasks to Outsource

1) Website Development and Design
2) Social Media Management
3) Content Creation
4) Graphic Design
5) Strategy and Execution

Reasons to Use Supply Chain and Logistics Content Marketing

Buyers Use Content to Make Purchasing Decisions
In the last 10 years, we have seen a significant shift in the B2B world. Buyers no longer need a sales reps to make purchasing decisions since they now have the internet. Research shows that approximately 94% of B2B buyers use online research, making the digital content you publish could affect their likelihood of purchasing from your company.

Take Control of Your Reputation
Content marketing allows you to control your reputation. By publishing captivating blog posts about industry trends, or break the news about relevant happenings, people will begin to view you as an indespensible resource for industry news. Whatever your brand is, you can set that reputation by what you publish online.

Be Seen As the Expert
When buyers go online, they are seeking information and answers. Use logistics content marketing as an opportunity to be the solution prospects are looking for publishing content that anticipates their problems and suggest solutions to solve them.

Content Marketing is More Effective Than Traditional Marketing
Companies in the logistics sector have a lot to gain by modernizing their marketing tactics. As B2B buying evolves, simply placing ads in industry publications is no longer considered a “marketing strategy”.

Your Competitors Are Doing It
Content marketing is already a widespread practice within the supply chain and logistics industries. If you are stuck using techniques from 25 years ago, you are going to look antiquated and will be left behind.

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