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OTT / Connected TV Marketing

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For the first time ever, advertisers can reach more households through OTT/Connected TV than traditional linear television.

Streaming TV Advertising in California

What is it? Ads delivered via internet connections and applications.

  • OTT (Over The Top) – A device that connects to the internet to facilitate video viewing on a TV, desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smart phone via dedicated OTT apps and sites. For example: Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon, HBO Max, Disney +, etc…
  • Connected TV – A smart TV with internet capabilities or a regular TV connected to an OTT device with internet capabilities such as Apple TV, Roku or Google Chromecast.
  • Digital TV – Online TV content via desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

OTT / Connected TV Device Types

The future of TV is ad impressions.

Ad Targeting For TV

Traditional Television Advertising

Targeting is limited to DMA, scheduling and dayparting.

Audience Targeting for TV

Connected Television Advertising

1:1 targeting of valuable customers and their households in real-time.

Ratings points that once estimated a broad demographic are no longer the end-all-be-all in television advertising. Advertisers would rather count the actual number of impressions their campaigns can deliver. Our partnerships with 1st and 3rd party data providers allow Raincross to create unique audience profiles that drive better campaign results.  By taking 1st party data and layering that with 3rd party data it allows us to gain deeper insights with even more targeted information about your ideal consumer. So now, instead of targeting programs or channels, savvy marketers are targeting data-driven custom audiences.

Streaming has surpassed cable television viewing.

With over 2,000+ streaming channels, there is content available through internet applications, connection by Smart TVs or OTT (Over-The-Top) devices. Available content is ad-supported through services like Hulu or via apps directly from content creators like HGTV.

Because Connected TV (CTV) is powered by internet-enabled devices, it offers advertisers the opportunity to reach target audiences on TV through more precise and effective methods than mass distribution which was only available in the past.

Streaming Television Advertising Agency

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