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Dental Practice SEO Case Study. A 166% Traffic Increase.

Like many of our clients, this dental practice group didn’t come to us without some issues. Their rankings had dropped significantly, their keywords were falling off, and their practice was hurting as a result.

This case study reveals how we were able to help them recover after a Google penalty and turn their traffic around.

SEO For Dental Practices


Our client has several dental offices located throughout California. Their focus is on General Dentistry, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, and Periodontics.

Because of their specialties many of their targeted keywords are on the lower end of search volume but can be extremely lucrative when ranked high.

After an acquisition of another dental practice and inheriting issues with the website their goal was to first get their traffic back on track, as well as improve their rankings for their key specialties.

Please Note: Due to strict confidentiality and an NDA agreement we cannot disclose this client’s business name, logo, or identity. However, they have graciously allowed us to use their results for the purposes of this case study.
Dentist Office SEO

What Our SEO Audit Revealed

As with all SEO projects we always start out by running a full website audit to gain an understanding of on-page and off-page SEO issues, as well as grasping the history of the website.

What we found was their website had experienced a significant drop in rankings due to a Google Core Algorithm Update in April 2018. The site rankings were drastically affected due to having light content, duplicate content, and pages with a significantly high bounce rate.

Google Algorithmn Update Penalty

This type of problem can be common for websites that have been built hastily without regard to SEO. Most of their pages were simply a service/specialty name with a sentence about the service which had appeared to have been copied from another competing practices website at some point. This, in-turn, alerted Google to duplicate content in which they were penalized. However, it also meant it was a great opportunity for us to win the traffic back.

Focus on Improving Existing Pages

Once we identified the main issues, we turned our focus to On-Page SEO and how we could improve their existing content and landing pages. It’s common to find that many websites are close to ranking and getting traffic, but they just aren’t in the top positions yet.

For this we run a Keyword Research Report to find what the site is ranking for with the following metrics:

  • Positions 4-30 with
  • Keyword Density equal to or less than 30
  • Minimum CPC .01

This helps us to find targetable, valuable keywords and pages that are just on the edge of ranking and can easily be improved.

On our clients website, we found 307 potential targets, mostly on the bottom of page 1 through page 3 with Cost-Per-Click between $0.24 and $2.30.

Competitive Gap Analysis

The next thing we wanted to do is take a look at keywords that their competitors were targeting that they weren’t yet, and then focus on building out landing pages and content for these opportunities.

The healthcare industry is a bit different in terms of the content gap analysis. When analyzing the competitive gap in healthcare, we often find keywords that are irrelevant and not worth targeting (such as: beauty blogs, gimmicky products, toothpaste, etc….)

Most of the top competing sites in the dental industry are thin on content, which allowed us to target what we call “the low hanging fruit”, keywords that we can win quickly with, and create long and content rich landing pages about their specialties.

Each month we built new landing pages, improved meta-descriptions, built high-quality backlinks coupled with strategic articles.

SEO Results

After targeting our clients “low hanging fruit” keywords for the first 6 months, we saw a great jump for many of them to page 1. Their top 10 keywords are currently all ranking on the first page of both Google and Bing searches:

Keywords for Dental SEO

Here’s an example of their #1 exact match keyword that experienced tremendous movement after the first 3 months of us working on this project:

Keyword Rankings Dental SEO

Our Thoughts

After working with our client for the past 18 months we’ve been able to greatly increase their organic traffic and traffic their value started to consistently increase month-over-month.

We invested heavily in on-page SEO efforts focusing on quality and expertise in their specialties and services. We did this by building quality content and landing pages, while also creating a strong link building strategy.

As you can see in the image below, the site’s backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic, and traffic value continue to improve each month.

The key to SEO is consistency and each month we continue work hard for new opportunities, we’ve been able to successfully recover their organic traffic, positioned many of their keywords to page 1, and doubled their organic traffic value to $4,500 per month.

Overview Dental SEO Case Study

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