How Geofencing Works

It seems like technology is changing the way we reach our customers daily. There’s always something new to test.

Geofencing is one of the newer tools you can use today. But that doesn’t mean that it is completely unknown. The geofencing market is expected to grow by 26% over the next four years.

The question is, how does geofencing work, and how can it help? This post will fill you in on the details. Keep reading to learn what geofencing is and why it’s worth investing in for your business.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing CompetitorsIt seems like GPS is in almost all the devices we have today. This comes with advantages for businesses.

Geofencing works by making use of the location data of smartphone users. You can target your advertising to regions as small or large as you like. Just draw the area you want to target on a map to set up your target area.

Once you have your target area defined, you can send advertisements using SMS, website ads, and smartphone apps.

Why Geofencing Makes Sense

An estimated 63.4% of internet use is from mobile devices. The time is now to start taking advantage of it. This is where geofencing really shines.

Below are three ways geofencing will help you promote your business.

1. Stay Focused on Specific Locations

The problem with digital advertising for local companies is you’re sending ads to people in hopes that they’re in a buying mood. If they aren’t, you have to count on them to remember your business when it’s time to buy.

With geofencing, you can target people that are close to your business when they’re out and about. Customers are more likely to visit your store since they’re already in the area.

2. Retarget Your Visitors

Even if you have a great product or service, you still may not make the sale right away. If you want to increase the chance of making a sale, you need to get in front of your customers more than once.

With geofencing, you can target people who have already visited your store. Since these people have already shown an interest in your business, there is a higher chance of you making a sale with your ads.

3. More Targeted Ads

Being able to target geographic location doesn’t only allow you to market to people who are close to you. It also allows you to target ads based on what a person is doing.

Geofencing allows you to target ads to locations as small as individual buildings. This will enable you to send ads based on what your potential customer is already doing. Doing this makes your ad more engaging and relevant to the needs of the people you’re targeting.

Try Geofencing Today

Now you should be able to answer the question, “how does geofencing work and how will it help?” Start your first campaign today to see how effective localized marketing is.

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