Internet Domain Name Services - iDNS Letter

At least once a month one of our clients contacts us confused because they received an official sounding letter from iDNS or Internet Domain Name Services. We receive them for our domains too. These letters claim that it’s time to renew your domain name and you should send them upwards of $180 to renew for 5 years. It’s the “Best Value!”

Internet Domain Name Services official address is in New Jersey and at first glance the letter can sound very convincing.

Here’s their office located at 924 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07306.
iDNS Business Address

Should I Renew My Domain Through iDNS?

No, these letters are just a deceptive marketing attempt trying to trick you into changing your domain registrar to them and they will charge you nearly 3X what every other domain registrar charges.

You likely purchased your domain from GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or directly through your hosting services. Don’t worry because when you get close to your expiration date they will send you several emails reminding you to renew your domain. Those are the emails you should watch for. Domain registers, such as GoDaddy, allow you to Auto-Renew your domain which I highly recommend if the domain name is an important asset to your business.

You should expect to pay no more than $12-$15 per year for your domain name. IDNS wants to charge you $45 a year That’s 3X more than what you should pay to own your domain.

What Should I Do With The iDNS Letter?

Tear it up. Shred it. Use the back of it for scratch paper and when you’re done recycle it so that it can be re-used for a legitimate purpose.