Google Search Algorithm Update

Around January 6, 2019, there was a lot of chatter in SEO circles. They’re finding that there was quite a bit of volatility in search results. That must mean another Google Search Algorithm Update.

Google changes its algorithm between 500-600 times a year in a continuous effort to provide the best search results to give its users the best search results possible. Some changes are small, while others, like the one in January, was much more noticeable.

Learn more about Google’s algorithm update in January 2019.

Google Search Algorithm Update

Just after the new year, Google quietly rolled out its first algorithm update in 2019. These changes often go unannounced, but they’re noticed among SEO experts.

Everyone seemed to notice a shift in search results, and when you get enough feedback in SEO groups, you’ll be able to determine what the impacts of the change are.

It appears that Google’s latest tweak has an impact across industries from real estate to automotive.

It seems that the update focuses on content across websites, and Google is working to separate quality content from content that doesn’t offer much value to users.

How to Respond to the Latest Search Update

No matter what Google does, there are things that you can do to make sure that your website is always at the top of search results.

Check Your Rankings

You want to make sure that your rankings weren’t impacted. You’ll want to check your site’s analytics to see if and how your search rankings changed.

Always Put the User First

Google is in the business of giving its users the best results on the web. If you focus on your site’s users, you’re bound to be OK.

Start by providing valuable, high-quality content for your users. You want to make sure that your site’s design is set up for mobile devices and your site is easy to use across devices.

Go Through Your Site’s Content

You’ll want to take the time to go through your site’s content and run an audit. If there’s anything that can be updated or improved, do it. That will help you recover and improve your search rankings.

Focus on the Basics of SEO

If your website has a good foundation, your site will be set for success. You want to use the right keywords that match your users’ search intent. Your title tags and meta descriptions need to be completed. You also want to check regularly to make sure you’re aware of the latest algorithm updates.

Don’t Sweat Google’s Algorithm Update

With so many tweaks and updates, it’s easy to get lost and wrapped up in every fluctuation in search results.

As long as you focus on the basics of SEO and put the user first, your business will be in a good position to be successful, no matter what the Google search algorithm is.