PPC Landing PagesWhat is a Landing a Page?

Simply put, a landing page is any page on your website that someone can visit or “land” on when navigating the internet. These stand-alone pages are developed with a goal of generating conversions and leads. Landing pages can be useful to the user because it provides relevant information that is directly related to the advertisement that led them to the landing page.

How to Use Landing Pages in Paid Advertising

People searching on the internet can end up on your landing page by following links from various sources such as social media, blogs, email and paid advertisements. Keep in mind that landing pages are built with conversions in mind and should contain compelling, powerful, and relevant content that relates directly to your ad.

The landing page should contain limited information so visitors are not overloaded with extraneous distractions such as menus or other navigational links that could steer the user away from leaving the page without converting. A user who visits a landing page will either immediately take action by filling out a form, or will simply just leave the page. Your window of opportunity to convert PPC traffic is small, making the focus of this page vitally important.

Each Landing Page Should Contain These Key Features:

    • Call-To-Action (CTA)
      A CTA is a clickable button on a website that directs the user to take some specified action. A call-to-action is typically written as a command, such as “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” and generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink.
    • Testimonials
      Adding testimonials on a landing page conveys a sense of trust and provides additional credibility for your product or service. Testimonials take the spotlight away from the seller and shine it on the customer.
    • Consistency
      Try to use the same headlines, copy, graphics and branding from the ad so the customer feels comfortable with where they ended up. Consistency also legitimizes your business and separates you from spammers in the minds of your customers.
    • Optimization
      Your landing page should be well optimized for mobile devices. Mobile optimization should include being responsive, quick loading and using click-to-call links.

Essentially, landing pages are important for your PPC campaigns because they drive targeted traffic to a specific web page, one that is designed with fewer distractions in an effort to lead the user to a specific goal. Generating leads and increasing sales is the ultimate goal for your PPC campaigns.