NAP SEO in California


NAP SEO offers an incredible “quick win” for online branding and lead generation.

What is NAP? How does it play into SEO?

We’ve got the answers to those questions and more in this post. So, get ready to learn and act on information that helps your business conquer the competition.

NAP (In a Nutshell)

Let’s begin by understanding what “NAP” is:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Search engines (like Google) can identify and verify your business and its online listing with these three items. How so? Well, you’re likely to use the NAP items across advertising and marketing assets.

You see — Google loves structured data because it makes sites easier to index. NAP is a very basic approach to structured data and ‘Schema‘ formatting. Give Google the data it wants and it’ll present it where appropriate (and ranked accordingly).

The NAP elements are part of your business citations. NAP also aids in stopping online spam and preventing others from hijacking your business listings (usually).

The Benefits of NAP SEO

Next, let’s understand why you’d bother with “NAP SEO”:

  • Business citation consistency
  • Higher search rankings
  • Stop troublesome spam

Citations are the core of NAP SEO as these offer brand awareness and link building opportunities. Essentially, you get to place your business listing across online platforms and reap the SEO rewards.

There are several channels that use NAP with listings — like:

  • BBB
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor
  • Angie’s List
  • HomeAdvisor
  • OpenTable

Each of these sends traffic to your website or gets people contacting its team. The listings also pair links which boosts your SEO profile. Consistency across these channels means you won’t miss an opportunity to get more leads.

What you may not know is how NAP SEO and Online Reputation Management play into another, too. Reputable citation platforms include some form of authentication, preventing someone from creating and spamming listings. It stops someone from attacking your brand and funneling legit customers away from you.

Getting Started with NAP SEO

NAP SEO is one of the easiest geo-location SEO strategies:

  • Include NAP elements on your website and owned assets
  • Build online business citations on reputable platforms
  • Monitor and keep up with citations and branding

Start by placing the name, address, and phone number into your site’s footer. You’ll also want to include NAP on the contact page. Then, repeat this across other channels like social media accounts or one-off pages.

Follow-up the basic NAP process by building citations on business directories:

  • Start with the major platforms (Yelp, BBB,, etc)
  • Find reputable, niche business listing platforms

Ensure the information is consistent whenever building these citations.

Want an SEO bonus when building these citations? Try mixing it up with the backlink type. Use branded, naked, and keyword-rich links to bolster the backlink profile.

Finally, use a citation monitoring tool to stay up-to-date with listings. These tools provide an alert if things change so you can quickly fix/update them. You might pair it with a brand monitoring tool to leverage reviews on these platforms, too!

Work with NAP SEO Experts

Doing one or two citations for NAP SEO isn’t an issue…

…the real challenge comes when you’ve got 100’s!

Getting those citations, and keeping them updated, is a mighty chore. We make the process easier and faster, meaning you get to focus on the stuff you care about.

Get in touch with our NAP SEO experts to learn about our local SEO services.