Smartphone Web DesignMobile Friendly Web DesignWe’ve been telling you all year if your website is not designed for mobile visitors it will affect your rankings in Google. And now guess what? Google has just released a collection of new Mobile resources. The most obvious being the new ‘Mobile-friendly’ label that is included in mobile search results for all sites that qualify.

Here is Google’s list of site requirements you’ll have to meet in order to qualify for their ‘Mobile-friendly’ label:

• Avoiding technology that is not supported on mobile devices, like Flash.
• Readable text that doesn’t require pinching and zooming.
• Content appropriately sized to a mobile screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom in.
• Links placed far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped with a finger.

So does your website qualify for the new ‘Mobile-friendly’ label? It’s easy to find, just click here to use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. The tool quickly scans your website to determine if you’re mobile friendly. You’ll either get a green congratulations message or a red list of improvements you’ll need to make in order to qualify.

An Example Of Our Mobile Friendly Website (

Google Mobile Friendly Website Design


An Example Of A Non-Mobile Friendly Website (

Responsive Mobile Development Websites

Right now the label has already been attached to sites that meet the mobile requirements without any further work by site owners and their website developers.

We just can’t emphasize the importance of having a mobile friendly website. With the world drastically moving towards mobile web browsing, if your site is not mobile friendly, it will affect your rankings and ultimately your business in the long run.

At Raincross we have been offering Google mobile friendly websites for over two years and nearly 100% of the websites we have designed and developed are now currently recognized by Google as being “Mobile-friendly”.

Here are the top features of our Google Mobile Friendly websites:
1. Responsive website recognized by Google as mobile friendly.
2. Click-to-Call, Click-to-Email and Click-to-Text features.
3. Advanced mobile lead tracking and analytics.

If you need help in developing a mobile friendly website we’d love to discuss options with you.