COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting businesses large and small all over the world. Whether your business has been mandated to temporarily close or you’ve made the decision to close for safety reasons, you want to make small changes to your Google My Business (GMB) profile to reflect the changes to your audience.

Here’s what you can do immediately.

  1. Update Your Business Hours
  2. Post An Update About Your Business
  3. Update Your Business Description

Updating Your Business Hours

This may be a temporary change, but it’s still a change and Google would like you to update your hours to reflect your current hours of operation. Here’s how to update your hours:

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on your business location
  • Click on Info on the left-hand navigation menu
  • Find your listed hours of operation and click on the pencil icon
  • Update your hours and click Apply

Google My Business Update Hours - Coronavirus

Post an Update

You can create posts within your Google My Business account. It’s very similar to creating a post on Facebook or Instagram.

The advantage to this is that these posts show up on your Google profile when someone searches for your business on Google. It’s a wonderful way to provide instantaneous update about your business in real time.

For example, if you’re a restaurant in Riverside, CA and you’re currently closed but can still provide curb-side pickup or delivery for food, you can create a post highlighting exactly what you’re offering and include a picture of your menu. This helps people easily find the right information.

Here’s how to create a Google My Business post:

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on your business location
  • Click on Posts on the left-hand navigation menu
  • Click on Add Update
  • Write your post and add any relevant images
  • When finished, click Publish

Note: In order to publish posts, your Google My Business profile must be verified.

Update Google My Business Post - Coronavirus

Google My Business Create Post - Coronavirus


At this time we strongly recommend creating posts to only show current business information so that you don’t bury important information with less important information.

Provide Additional Details in Your Business Description Section

Updating your business description to inform others of actions that you are taking can also be helpful.

For example, are you taking additional steps to disinfect? Are you handling food differently? What assurances can you provide people who plan to still do business with you right now?

Providing specific information in your business description can help answer some of these questions. Here’s how to update:

  • Login to your account at
  • Click on your business location
  • Click on Info on the left-hand navigation menu
  • Scroll down until you see your Business Description, in-between Highlights and Opening Date.
  • Click the Pencil Icon
  • Input your edits
  • Click Apply

Google My Business Update Company Description - Coronavirus


Things to Keep in Mind

Making changes to your Google My Business profile does not take immediate effect as Google often moderates your changes for quality before publishing them, but they work fast. We recommend making updates as soon as you have the information to make public.

In times like these we all want to figure out how we can help.  As we all work to get through this, we’ll do our best to keep you informed of best practices you should be doing to keep your customers, clients and businesses informed during this fluid situation. Click here to view our resource list and recommended tools for working from home.