Google Mobile Friendly Update

We’ve been talking about this for awhile and now it’s really really official. Google will release a mobile-friendly algorithm update that will improve search results on mobile devices. Here is a list of the top 10 things you need to know about this game-changing update:

1) The update is expected to roll out April 21, 2015, and could take up to a week to reach all sites.

2) The update on April 21st will significantly favor mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results.

3) “Mobile” means smartphones, not tablets.

4) The update will only effect search results on mobile devices, not desktop search results.

5) Web pages that are not mobile-friendly can and will be dropped from high rankings in favor of mobile-friendly web pages.

6) Websites and web pages that are not mobile-friendly will not be effected in desktop search results.

7) The mobile-friendly update will effect all languages, world-wide.

8) Google recommends using responsive design above all other mobile-friendly options.

9) Google’s mobile-friendly update will effect more sites than the Panda and Penguin updates.

10) Mobile-friendly pages show a “Mobile-friendly” label in mobile search results.

At Raincross we have been offering Google mobile friendly websites for over two years and nearly 100% of the websites we have designed and developed are now currently recognized by Google as being “Mobile-friendly”. If you need help in developing a mobile friendly website we’d love to discuss options with you.